Strictly Murder by Brian Clemens

Performance Dates: 15th - 19th June 2010

Written by Brian Clemens, who created the iconic TV series The Avengers and The Professionals, comes a fast moving thriller full of lies, subterfuge and murder in this dark and disturbing roller-coaster ride of bluff and double bluff.

In the Spring of 1939, English couple Peter and Suzy are living in idyllic isolation, far, it seems, from the rumblings of the coming war. Their peace is shattered from within when Suzy discovers she has been betrayed. When a Scotland Yard detective arrives events become even more complicated and frightening...

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Audition: Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

by Frank McGuinness. Directed by Glynn Oram. 
Further audition planned, contact Glynn to arrange a date.
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