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Communcating Doors

By Alan Ayckbourn

6-10 December 2011 at 7.45pm

The year is 2031 and Poopay, a prostitute, is summoned to a suite in a 5 star hotel by elderly businessman, Reece, who wants her to perform an unusual service: to witness a document detailing murder by hi business associate, Julian. Poopay disappears through the door and finds herself in the identical suite in the year 2011, where Reece's second wife, Ruella , is sceptical aboutt Poopay's explanation. 

But when she goes through the same door and finds herself in the same suite with Reece's first wife, Jessica, she decides to rewrite the future...

An ingenious comic thriller from the prolific Alan Aykbourn: 

"...he has rarely written anything that offers more pure fun than this. And in the closing moments he comes up with a beautifully haunting scene of recognition and redemption that brings unexpected tears to the eyes." - Daily Telegraph

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Audition: Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

by Frank McGuinness. Directed by Glynn Oram. 
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