Weekend Breaks by John Godber

Performances: February 20th-24th 2018
Auditions: October 18th 7.30 at the Oakwood Centre.

A typical family gathering in a cottage in the Lake District ("It always rains in the Lakes").

The son is there to write and has invited his parents for a "Weekend Break".
They really don't want to be there.

Various family contentions arise and the discussions are humorous but certainly do not reach any satisfactory conclusions. There is a trauma which has been building up and, for the audience, is not unexpected.

This, in the second act, and during various flashbacks through his parents' married life, helps to change the son's attitude, and It all ends with a harmonious atmosphere.

The cast requires the son 35/45. 

Mother and Father 65/70 or thereabouts, or look-alikes with help from the make-up box!!

If you are interested  but cannot make that date please ring Rowena on 0118 969 4181

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Weekend Breaks

by John Godber

7.30pm 18 October
at the Oakwood
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