Audition Notice - Relatively Speaking

by Alan Ayckbourn 
Directed by Rowena Sterry

Audition Tuesday 28th November 7.30 pm -  Maxwell Hall, Oakwood Centre

Performances 20th to 24th February 2018

Greg only met Ginny a month ago but (despite finding strange slippers under the bed) has already made up his mind that she’s the one. When she tells him that she’s going to visit her parents, he decides this is the moment to ask her father for his daughter’s hand. Discovering a scribbled address, he travels to Buckinghamshire and happens to arrive first to find Philip and Sheila enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning breakfast in the garden.  The only thing is – they’re not Ginny’s parents.  

Ginny is actually going to tell Phillip their affair is over, but the scope for ensuing confusion and hilarity gave Ayckbourn his first major hit in 1967 and made his name as a major British playwright.  This is not bedroom door and dropped trousers farce, but shows how funny marital angst among ordinary people can be if played for real, and of course with Ayckbourn’s cracking dialogue.


Greg – (25/30) A naïve personable young man, co-habiting with Ginny in a London flat.  Hurt and perplexed by the gifts for her that just keep on arriving.

Ginny – (25/30) A more experienced young woman, not as smitten by Greg as he is with her, who is trying to finish an affair with her employer, Philip

Phillip – (50/55) A quick-thinking older man who doesn’t want to finish the affair, and uses the misunderstandings to try to prolong it

Sheila – (50/55) the attractive, bored and unhappy wife of Phillip, who has been hinting at fantasies of a younger lover.  Phillip thinks this may be Greg.

Ages as ever are approximate

Any queries, please contact Rowena on or 0118 969 4181

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