Be My Baby

By Amanda Whittington

27 September - 2 October 2016

The sixties are so much associated with sexual freedom, it's easy to forget the unmarried mothers whose babies were born in Church-sponsored homes and taken from them for adoption. 

It's 1964, and Mary is young, single and pregnant when she is bundled off to St. Saviour's by her mother to have her baby in secret to keep up appearances. The girls there find comfort in each other's friendship, helped by the uplifting sounds of current pop songs, but ultimately they must face their individual tragedies alone. 

A GCSE set text, this is theatre with a big heart where loss, pain and laughter run side by side. 

Tickets £10.00 & £8.00 (concessions) Balcony £5.00 Performance 7.45pm

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07939 210121

Audition: Quartet

Four mature actors required for this play about retired opera stars. No singing required.

Read-through 7.30pm Thu 2 June 2016
Audition 7.30pm Thu 30 June 2016
at the Oakwood Centre.

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